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Becoming a Tattoo Artist apprentice: Everything you need to know

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Becoming a Tattoo Artist apprentice: Everything you need to know


Attending art school is not a tattoo apprenticeship. You should focus on developing your creative skills to draw and tattoo qualifications before becoming a tattoo apprentice as the apprenticeship won't teach you how to draw or how to be an artist.

Are you trying to become a tattoo artist apprentice? Do you want to understand what exactly it entails? This article will explain what the benefits of becoming a tattoo artist apprentice are and how to find the right apprenticeship for you.

1. Why would you want to become a tattoo artist apprentice?

There are paths you can pursue to increase your chances of becoming a good tattoo artist, there are no specific admission criteria for this profession. Many tattooists start off as a tattoo artist apprentice.

This helps to increase tattoo qualifications, as well as to gain the necessary experience for professional development. If being a tattoo artist is something you're interested in and wondering how you become a tattoo artist, you should start by asking local tattoo artists if they would be willing to accept you as a trainee.

As a tattoo artist apprentice, you’ll be given all the necessary training you need to become a tattoo artist. The first several months are often spent sanitizing and cleaning the apparatus.

Additionally, you'll discover design, human biology, how to avoid diseases, and the technical details of tattooing. You must have mastered all these skills before you are permitted to get in contact with the needles.

Depending on your talent level and, of course, how quickly you pick things up, the average time you spend as a tattoo artist apprentice s three years. After acquiring all necessary knowledge and experience, you can consider going out on your own.

2. Where can you find a tattoo artist apprenticeship?

Once more, remember that tattoo artist apprenticeships are not necessary in order to become a tattoo artist. However, it is a great way to get hands-on experience, work with talented artists, and gain insights that will boost your further career.

To begin, ask around to see which tattoo shops are the best in the area. Once you have a list, swing by and drop off your resume and an art portfolio. Also, you have to remember to describe your tattoo artist qualifications in the right way.

Your objective is to leave a positive impression and demonstrate that you are a creative and respected artist who would be a nice addition to their tattoo shop.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a tattoo artist apprenticeship is to gain experience before finding employment. Once you drop off your information , check in with the shop every week to see if you can arrange a brief interview with the potential teacher.

Getting a tattoo artist apprenticeship is a lot like making a sale. You have to cold call and work diligently for free for two years so at least make sure you do not waste your time trying to land an apprenticeship with an artist or tattoo studio that does not inspire you.

3. Five key elements you need to know before applying as a tattoo artist apprentice

Once you’ve decided to become a tattoo artist apprentice, the search to find the place that is fit for you begins. It is important that you find an apprenticeship where you can learn, grow, and gradually get more and more responsibility.

Here are five aspects you want know before choosing the tattoo studio where you want to apply as a tattoo artist apprentice.

a) Experience with mentoring tattoo artist apprentices

Make sure the artist you work with has graduated several apprentices. Always keep in mind that gaining training is all you need. Just because someone is a wonderful artist doesn't guarantee they are qualified to teach or even that they want to.

You need to make sure you don't become stuck in an apprenticeship and improve your tattoo artist qualifications because some artists are just looking for free assistance.

b) Your responsibilities

Ask about the possibility of working on actual clients. If you are not going to, you will not develop your tattoo artist qualifications. You need hands-on experience to succeed in a hands-on industry like tattooing.

These days, you can easily get simple theoretical base on YouTube. It is crucial to talk about and comprehend when you will be able to work on human skin with the help of your teacher.

c) Previous apprentices experiences

Speak with a few of the apprentices who have previously worked under the artist. Consider what others have to say before investing two years of your life into an apprenticeship.

Make sure you only join up with artists that have had proven success or with someone who had positive experience during internship.

d) Job opportunities for the tattoo artist apprentice

Ask about the likelihood of getting a job at the tattoo shop you do the apprenticeship.

The only thing your apprenticeship is worth is experience, so why would you assume that anyone else would hire you if your employer won't? Other artists who have been apprentices there before should be working there now.

e) Duration of the apprenticeship

Clarify how long the tattoo artist apprenticeship program will be. Some apprenticeships are focused on quickly training an apprentice to become an artist and others are more focused on forcing the tattoo artist apprentice to earn the right to be a tattoo artist.

Finding a shop and an instructor who values your tattoo artist qualifications and wants you to be part of their business.


If you have decided to participate in tattoo artist apprenticeship then keep in mind the basic tips given in this article. You must keep in mind the main goal you are pursuing, which is to improve your tattoo artist qualifications.

Choose the place for your apprenticeship carefully, as well as the instructor and his/her qualifications. By doing so you will find the right place and develop your skills even more!


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