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How to Prepare for My Tattoo

Here are some tips that you should follow to get the most out of your tattoo experience and to ensure that the quality of the tattoo that you will have for the rest of your life will not be negatively affected by any external or internal factors:

1. Please put a reminder on your phone that a month before your tattoo session you need to start moisturizing the skin area where you will get the tattoo as tattoos turn out a lot worse on dry skin. Moisturizing should be done 1-2x every day with Bepanthen, which is also the recommended aftercare cream.

2. Prepare your skin for the session – no sunburnt skin, if you go on a holiday be mindful of this and take adequate precautions i.e., do not expose the tattoo area to direct sun, use factor 50 sun protective cream, etc.

3. Please do not use body scrub or shave the area right before the session!

4. A week before the session be more attentive to your body: we recommend eating healthy and getting good night sleeps so you can do the best to avoid catching a cold, getting sick or having any inflammatory problems.

5. Make sure you have a good night sleep before the tattoo session. In the morning, have a nice and nutritious breakfast, try to avoid caffeinated drinks and stay hydrated.

6. Be considerate of the outfit you will wear on the day of the session. For example, if you are getting a tattoo on the leg, wear shorts; if you are getting your arm tattooed wear tank tops. You should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear and please be ready they might get ‘dirty’ during the process. Ideally the clothing should not be light/bright as it would ruin photos of the finished work.

7. Take lunch/snacks with you – the pain feels stronger when you are hungry.

8. During breaks, try to drink more sugary drinks, but not energy drinks or  have some sweet snacks, etc. to increase the blood sugar level which will prevent you from fainting or feeling dizzy.

9. Please note only cash is accepted on the day of the session.

10. Please do not plan anything for the evening/after the session and plan your route back home considering we might finish late and you would need alternative means of transport – so that the artist does not have to rush the work as after all, hurrying with the work can affect the quality of the tattoo.

11. Don’t go on a pre-tattoo bender. It’s best not to party the night before because alcohol can increase bleeding for up to 24 hours. Blood also dilutes our pigments, affecting both the appearance of your tattoo as well as the healing process. Remember to stay calm and cool, you’re in good hands.

12. Please read the aftercare instructions available via our website prior to attending the session.


13. Please remember Numbing Creams are not allowed.

It effects the quality of the tattoo, they don't last long (even if it says), 10 times more painful after the effect is gone, you could get allergy reaction, the skin can get red and swollen (not taking the ink well), which means we have to stop the session.

14. During and before your session, try not to drink energy drinks, coffee or others that could make your heart beat faster. Faster heart beating means you'll bleed more than normal. Bleeding could effect the quality of your tattoo as the inks are mixed with blood and also more difficult to tattoo.

15. Drink plenty of water. Your skin thins when you’re dehydrated, so chugging water, starting the day before your appointment, will make your body a better canvas for the tattoo. It will also keep your energy up, so bring a bottle or two to sip during your session. Hydrated skin takes to the ink better than dry, thirsty skin does—and hydrated skin starts from the inside out.

16. Consuming an excess amount of dairy and salt may cause you to bloat, ultimately changing the look and feel of your skin.


17. Proteins are a type of body-building nutrients that helps your body develop and repair muscle and skin tissues. They are necessary for the formation and repair of all body parts, including the skin. Protein also helps raise the energy levels, making it a bit more beneficial for the trauma that your body system shall be going through. It will also assist your skin in recovering quickly from the stress caused by the tattoo needle; thus, it is highly recommended to eat protein-rich foods, such as beef, chicken, and seafood, before and after getting a tattoo.

18. Best snacks to bring on the day of your tattoo appointment:
Sugar-free and low-fat fruit bars
Protein bars, especially those with chocolates and nuts
Bag of "green" chips, such as spinach and kale
Roasted almonds and pecans
Vitamin C fruit drops
Lemon or lime water
Natural fruit juice

19. There’s nothing to stress over—it’s just a tattoo!

Please take our recommendations seriously and do not forget to read this text once again prior to your tattoo session as by doing so you are showing that you are respectful towards the artist.





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