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Book A Tattoo Consultation

Please DO NOT pay for a consultation before completing the booking form (Click Here).
Or until you are advised by our studio manager as we may be unable to connect it with your booking.


The Tattoo Consultation Fee is £50.00 (non refundable)

1) How Long Does a Tattoo Consultation Take?

The consultation is done by our studio manager Bobby
How much time you get with Bobby will vary, most consultations will last between 30-60 minutes.

You should enter the consultation with the groundwork already done. That means you should already have an idea of:

* What your tattoo is, for example, the general theme
* The style you want it in — We only specialize in Black & Grey or Colour Realism, nothing else
* Sizing
* Placement on the body


2) Bring Up Health Issues and Concerns

Despite what you may think, your tattoo artist won’t judge you if you’re worried about your upcoming appointment. Now is the moment to ask how much it will hurt and what will happen if you feel faint.

The consultation is a great time to mention any health conditions. For example, if you’re allergy-prone, your artist may recommend avoiding red ink. This colour is a common culprit behind tattoo-related allergic reactions.

Don’t neglect to mention if you’re on any medications. For example, blood thinners can cause you to bleed more, which can be dangerous.

You can also ask questions about tattoo aftercare, identifying the telltale signs of infection, and how long it will take to heal.

3) Ask What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Bobby may tell you a few obvious mistakes to avoid, like turning up to your appointment drunk or with an entourage of friends.

4) What If You Change Your Mind About the Design?

You need to schedule another consultation

5) Keep Yourself Open to Advice

Some people are quite stubborn to take anyone else’s advice once they have made their decision. Tattoo artists are professionals who have been catering to clients for years, and they give the best advice when it comes to choosing the right design and placement.

This will allow you to achieve the best tattoo design along with the tattoo artist’s personalization.
Be prepared to spend some cash


6) Respect Bobby’s advice

He is very respected person in the tattoo industry and he knows art really well.
During your consultation he can help you create Photoshop design, so you can see how you tattoo would look.

Ask, and you shall receive. You’ve done your research and found a studio that works with the biggest names in the industry, 40 artists available to choose from


7) Stay away from trends

Trends happen in every industry; the significant difference is that your tattoo lasts forever. When a new style pops up there tends to be a rush to be part of it.


Clients can overlook the importance of finding a high end, reputable shop in favor of getting the work done quickly. 


8) Don’t ask an Artist to copy a custom design

You can use it as a reference, but not an exact copy.

Want to know the quickest way to get declined for a tattoo? Insist on the same design you found on Pinterest. There’s nothing more unethical in this industry than asking your tattooist to copy another artist. 

9) Your Tattoo Appointment

Make sure you wear clothes that allow easy access to the area that’s going to get tattooed. Think loose and comfortable clothes. There’s no need to dress up or be constricted; it’s about accessibility and ease. Please read How to Prepare for My Tattoo.

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