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How to find the perfect tattoo studio for your first realism tattoo

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How to find the perfect tattoo studio for your first realism tattoo


Once you have decided to get a realism tattoo and gathered some inspiration on designing your tattoo, the search for the perfect studio that will bring your idea to life can begin.

In the excitement of getting your next piece of art, people often hurriedly pick out the closest tattoo studio without giving it a second thought.

Nevertheless, choosing one that specialises in creating the tattoo you have always wanted in the style you love is a crucial part of the tattoo process .

Here are three useful steps to guide your decision-making and help you to find the perfect tattoo studio for your realism tattoo.

1. Step 1: Choosing and learning about the tattoo style you want

The first step in finding the right tattoo studio for you revolves around researching the tattoo style you want and getting to know its characteristics.

Depending on the tattoo style and experience you seek, the artist can vary. It is worth researching what you want. Think of the size and placement of the tattoo as well when you want an imaginative and original design.

a) The tattoo style: Realism

At Straight Lines, we build a community of artists that specialises in Realism tattoos, a tattoo style that concentrates on shade, nuance, and incredibly realistic images.

For it to have the kind of depth and layering needed to produce a truly magnificent piece of art, the tattoo artist must have unwavering patience and outstanding talent.

It’s also important to know that realism tattoos often falsely get associated with fading and losing detail quickly as this tattoo style uses a variation of shading and layering techniques, to give the tattoo that 3D-feeling, instead of the traditional bold outlining.

However, fading of the realism tattoo can be easily avoided by choosing a tattooist and tattoo studio that are specialised in this style, have plenty of experience and use high quality ink pigments.

Realism tattoos come in a variety of styles, but the main ones Straight Lines offers are black & grey realism and colour realism.

The realistic black and grey tattoo style is characterised by a somewhat more time-consuming creation technique compared to the colour realism. When designing your tattoo more dramatically, the black and grey realism is a great choice.

In recent years, colour realism has grown in popularity. There is little to no black ink or outlines used when it comes to this tattoo style, and the depth and tones of colour are all varied.

With motifs like animals, flowers, portraits, and scenery, this style is quite popular and gives the image on your skin a 3D appearance.

b) Tattoo placement and size

Your body curves and twists. Therefore it's crucial to choose a placement for the realism tattoo that flows naturally with these movements.

Additionally, realism is a tattoo style that demands a bigger size of tattoo and thus more time to tattoo.

When thinking about designing your tattoo in realism, you might want to keep in mind your pain threshold and whether you are comfortable spending extended periods of time sitting or lying down.

2. Step 2: Researching and visiting various tattoo studios

The tattoo studio and its artists need to be the right fit for you. They will be the ones designing your tattoo and by doing so bringing your vision to life.

The information you gathered after researching the tattoo style you want, will help you select the best tattoo studio options for you, since you now know what kind of specialisations this tattoo style needs. But how do you find the perfect tattoo studio for you?

A great starting point is the tattoo studio’s website. Take your time to get to know their art, check out the artists’ portfolio, read their articles, … The website will tell you a lot about who they are and what their values are.

In addition, checking out their social media.It will not only give you a better understanding of what others think and feel about the tattoo studio, it will also give you the chance to take a look at lots of healed work and its details.

This way you can easily decide whether their tattoo style and the tattoo studio is the right fit for designing your tattoo and ultimately tattooing you.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact them! If they are open to it, go browse the tattoo studio, have a little chat with artists about their tattoo style and craft.

In case of tattoo studios that prefer you only stopping by when you’ve made an appointment, send them an email, dm them, or contact them via the tattoo studio’s preferred communication channel.

3. Step 3: Designing your tattoo together with the artist

Once you have done your research and found the tattoo studio and artist in which you feel confident to put your trust in, it is time for you to make the tattoo consultation and start designing your tattoo together.

At Straight Lines we have helped many clients to perfect the design they have in mind and collaborated with them to make their ultimate piece of art.

Make sure to bring your research to the consultation and don’t forget to read the tattoo studio’s terms and conditions, but most importantly take your inspiration with you and be open to the advice given to you.

The artist’s main goal is designing your tattoo to the best they can.


After reading the article you’ll have a better grasp of how to start looking for the perfect tattoo studio for your first realism tattoo.

This tattoo style requires significant craftsmanship and experience of the artist and choosing the one to entrust designing and placing relies on your research on the realism tattoo style.

Interested in learning more about getting your first or next realism tattoo? Contact Straight Lines on the Contact Us page for more information or check out our artists’ portfolios.


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