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Top 3 Tattoo Realism Trends for 2023. Are tattoos on thigh back again?

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Do you have a keen interest in different types of tattoos? In this article, we will tell you about the main tattoo trends in the realism tattoo field . You want a hint? Designs involving queen tattoos and tattoo on thighs are back, and tattoos about zodiac sign are gaining popularity.

Modern men and women aren't hesitant to adorn their bodies in a variety of ways, and their choices may often be rather daring. One of these remedies is to get tattoos placed on various body areas.

Based to the desires of the client, tattoos can be placed anywhere but some popular spots are tattoo on the thigh or on the arm.

After all, a tattoo, regardless of how attractive or stylish it may seem at first, can change significantly with time. As a result, it's crucial to carefully evaluate both the design and the placement.

Body Part: Tattoos on thigh are back

People wanting to draw attention to the lower part of their bodies may prefer a tattoo on their thighs as opposed to their neck.

Tattoos on the thigh are becoming increasingly popular among people who appreciate the creative expression of unique tattoo designs but want to be able to cover them up for formal occasions.

Because of how convenient they are, in-demand tattoos on the thighs are highly well-liked.

A less popular but also potential placement area are the foot, so you can sketch or embellish them with elaborate designs. Moreover, the skin of the foot is rougher and less sensitive, which lessens the discomfort of the tattooing procedure.

The legs are a great area to create big designs that allow you to showcase magnificent and unique works of art. If the design that you have in mind is large, then getting a tattoo on the thigh is probably the best area.

In terms of discreetness and right on the opposite side we have, for example, the neck, the face or the hand.

Continuing with other body parts, let's don't forget the tattoos on the back.

This body part is great for big designs that in same cases extend to the lateral side of the ribs.

The stylistics of such a tattoo can be any, depending on what you like: new or old school, fantasy biomechanics, zodiac signs tattoos, and so on. Fans of experiments can try to combine several styles.

Large-scale tattoos on the chest in the style of realism also do not lose their relevance. Such patterns depicted on the chest can move smoothly to the shoulder or ribs, which creates a mysterious and unique combination.

Examples of such fashionable tattoos abound among West Coast celebrities. Also, mythical creatures or portraits of loved ones are often depicted on the chest.

Mythological and Abstract Designs: Tattoos about Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign tattoos are not only about the elements of the Capricorn, Aquarius, and so on. This style also includes unique, abstract symbols of the constellations as well as mythological creatures.

The Greek style tattoo is a new popular trend, which is chosen by men and women of different ages. The images attract with their versatility and originality. Depending on the sketch, they emphasize femininity and masculinity, giving the image an individuality.

Widespread are drawings of mythological characters, inscriptions and ornaments. Tattoos with Greek themes are preferred by romantics and travelers. The spectacular ornaments emphasize the beauty of the body and look beautiful in motion.

It is important to note that Greek mythology and the signs of the zodiac are closely related.

For this reason, such a tattoo can also serve as a representation of the zodiac sign.

But if you like zodiac sign tattoos and the image of the exact elements, then we will help you to figure out in this direction.

It's quite conventional to adorn your body with various symbols. People who enjoy horoscopes or mythology tend to select symbols and traits that are associated and included in their a zodiac sign tattoo.

Such signals on the body provide people who revere astrology and predict power, courage, and inner energy, according to their deeply held beliefs.

Of course, if the symbolism of the zodiac is valuable for a person, then the choice of such a tattoo will be the right decision.

It is important to note that there are many application variations so our tattoo artists will be happy to help you find the right choice!

Celebrities Tattoos: Queen Tattoo Designs

Celebrities have also play a huge role in our daily lives. From famous phrases passing through unforgettable movies to characters that left a brand on our own personality. Tattoos are not the exception and it i a way for millions to honor these memorable moments and take it them forever.

In this regard, the queen tattoos are highly popular among married couples because they can proclaim to the world that they are the queen of their kings, but they are also becoming more and more popular among single people.

Many women have queen tattoos to represent their independence, and many males have tattoos of various king symbols to signify their own position.

The ultimate representation of monarchy is a crown. In a ceremony marking their accession to the throne, new kings and queens receive their thrones. Women frequently receive tattoos of crowns, which have multiple meanings.

People who feel powerful together with a sense of control of their own lives, and like royalty frequently get king or queen tattoos to represent these feelings.

At the same time, queen tattoos can also include celebrities. Large-scale portraits of favorite celebrities are great for fans who want to express their love for an idol or a landmark personality of their life.

Some get a tattoo with their favorite actor or singer, and some with a rock band or soccer player. The variation in terms of design of this type of tattoo knows no limits!.


Realism tattoos have always been a classic in the field of tattooing. But at the same time, the elements and styles are constantly changing. Modern people who want to express their personality through their skin are introducing trending designs like the celebrity or queen tattoo together with the mythological and zodiac sign tattoo in unique expressions.

In terms of the placement, legs and i particular tattoos on the thigh are gaining popularity.

This trend allows large and multi-element tattoos to be brought to life.


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