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Straight Lines Tattoo is an appointment only Tattoo studio. 

This ensures that you are comfortable and have our Tattooists' undivided attention throughout your day as we create your bespoke design from start to finish.

About Straight Lines Tattoo

Straight Lines Tattoo is among the best award-winning contemporary tattoo studios you can find in the UK and Europe right now that specialise in realism tattoos. You’ll find international award-winning artists here who are highly knowledgeable in their craft

Working only in realism, black and grey or colour, a carefully-selected, ultra-talented team of artists (led by Sasha O’Kharin) work on an appointment-only basis.

If you want to get inked with your first piece or want to add to your collection, Straight Lines Tattoo can leave you with artwork that you will be proud to show off.

If you’ve been so inspired by the amazing art galleries and art museums in London, and want to consider sporting some permanent art, visit our tattoo studio. Straight Lines offers world-class tattoo artists, one of the finest in the world

Tattoos are a way to express yourself and reflect your thoughts and feelings. Your design can be deeply meaningful and bring you comfort, or it can look edgy and cool.