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Tattoo Seminar

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2nd July 2023


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Tofi - Tattoo Seminar

Location : Straight Lines Tattoo

Date: 2nd July 2023

Time: 11:00-19:00

Capacity: Maximum 10 participants


Seminar overview:


Seminar Day - Part 1

Tattoo idea concept drawing
3D designing (step by step presentation)
Theory of balance of details, colors and values.
Design visualization on Body
Description of my basic workflow I use in every work.
Tattooing large works in short time within one session.

Stencil preparation.
Tattooing technique (equipment, machine and needles setup, workflow)

Tattooing process
- step by step plus questions in a meantime - Part 2

Individual consultations - Part 3

If you want to I can give you a personal feedback About Your selected
works regarding the most weak and strong aspects of your tattoos when it
comes to artistic approach and creating your own path. It can be
conducted in group or individual as decided by group. Before the seminar
you can send me ten of your best works and we will discuss it during

*time of individual consultations is around 10 minutes / person (depends
on the size of the group)

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