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Straight Lines – Your go-to private tattoo studio in Laughton, Essex


Straight Lines is a Tattoo studio based in Laughton; filled with the utmost talented and skilled tattooists who specialise in realism tattoos that are accurately designed for our clients.


We ensure our team of friendly tattooists provide only the highest standard of perfection in a diverse range of styles. All, of our tattoo designs are created for each customer and are carefully produced by our team of talented tattoo artists at Straight Lines.


The Experience

We approach your experience at our studio with professionalism and ensure it will be memorable. Our consultation process is free, we have 23 award winning artists in our private tattoo studio in Laughton, Essex to cover all variations and disciplines of tattoo design styles.


We’re an appointment only Tattoo studio this ensures throughout your day you are comfortable and have our Tattooists undivided attention as we produce your design from scratch.

Prior to your tattoo; you will have a complimentary consultation with us; here you will get acquainted with the team and choose your preferred tattoo artist to suit your needs. Your design will be created from scratch and you will see it flourish and ready for tattooing on your given appointment date!


We also provide instructions on tattoo aftercare, which will ensure that your tattoo heals and doesn’t cause any discomfort. A good tattoo is 50% you!

The Studio


Our award-winning tattoo artists at Straight Lines are considered the best in the area, our customers travel from all over the UK to work with them at our tattoo studios in Laughton, Essex & have even travelled to the UK itself to experience our tattoo studio and quality tattoo artwork.


Work with the best tattoo artists in Laughton, Essex and take a step into our studios

We will be attending

The Tattoo Collective on the 17th and 18th of March in London

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